Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goals of Giving, and Forgiving: an excerpt from 'One Man's Philosophy' by Shadar

Studying concepts of ethics and morals, I realized that many of these come from much higher standards and idealistic goals that we hope to achieve at some point either as individuals or as a species. The two that hit me the most as 'high' ambition ethics would be;
Giving- To freely open oneself to freely giving, without hesitation, without expectation. To be able to provide that which is needed without recompense or terms of any repayment in action, material or deed. To honestly give with humility and humbelness not requiring recognition and thanks.
Forgiving - To truely forgive any and all grievence, hurt, mistake or wrong doing by others unto yourself and others. Forgiving without required penence or repayment. To accept all faults and wrongs as done and be open to recieve new things including forgivness. To be able to forgive, not only others, but yourself, for acts that fall short of expectation and desire.
I have done my best to live under the Laws of Hospitality as was custom of the Celtic peoples. To give freely to all who come, to treat honestly all who ask, and to provide for those who are in need. Sometimes I fall short in these, some times I excell in these. And I am not talking about material needs and the availability of things to give, but in the Spirit, the emotional and the mental aspects of things needed and or asked of. I once took an Oath of Hospitality, also of one of Poverty (not to remain poor, but to agree to provide for community before myself) to help me focus my live and Spirit toward these goals, of Giving and Forgiving and Hospitality.
I have discovered that is had been my Ego, my selfishness, and my feeelings (being hurt) that has held me back or made me fall short. Also it has been these same concepts that has allowed me to excell in being able to follow Hospitality, to Give and to Forgive. So through observation and much soul searching, I see that I do carry expectations, apply conditions, and allow my selfish feelings to alter and control my ability to Give, and Forgive honestly.
Is it my feelings? My ego? Should I remove my feelings? Without my feelings I could no longer empathise with others feelings. I would not know how to react in our society which depends much on feelings. I could not work personal nor natural magical acts, nor show proper honor to my Gods. Without ego I could no longer defend my personal needs, and I would no longer strive for my personal wants or goals, and my goal is to improve myself. Mental disipline, ego and or self control goes a long way, but only so far.
I know this is a life long work of improvement, trial and error, and growth. Without experiance and the chance to grow, and fail, I cannot gain a foothold along the path to Give and Forgive as I believe I should be. So I will continue to grow, to experiance, to learn how to do this, and other things.
So, Forgive me for my failings, and Give me encouragement.
I honor your Gods, and drink at you well,
I bring an undefended heart to our meeting place.
I openly negotiate in honor and am not subject to dissappointment.
Namaste, and 'escalandes du Touta n Diea' ( welcome in my Tribe and my Gods)

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