Monday, May 30, 2011

New Business venture....

  I have been doing a lot of marketing for Mountain Breeze lately, and have learned a lot of tips and tricks to link accounts to the social media. Then I began running social media network software that increased the flow of traffic considerably to Mountain Breeze. Now I am looking into being able to do that for more people and businesses. It's called Social Media marketing...
  Really simple concept, and most of the ground work is laid out in software use and account construction, the trick is having the computer capability and know-how to accomplish it. I have made a few good contacts in the industry here of late, and received many offers and information so that I can get my feet wet, as well as continue to build the marketing plans that I have begun. I cannot believe that I can not achieve a decent if not better living doing this part time, or even full time, and still have plenty of time to enjoy life.
  Blogging, Tweeting, socializing on various networks and websites, adding links and link-backs, banner placement,... these are all things I do already for myself, and now I can do it, with the addition of some automated software, and get paid for it. Add that to the referral programs that I do, and the paid emails, and the few surveys, and I might find myself working 5 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and making decent money. I know, sounds too good to be true? I never said I was going to get rich quick and easy, I will have to work at it, and promote it. But it is honest, and the systems that I use do work for increasing web traffic to my accounts.
  I am building an on-line presence for my marketing business as of this month, and hope to be open and ready for new clients by mid to late June 2011. I am still working out the rates and service/monthly charges, but am very cautious not to cut the prices too low and be competitive with the 'big boys'. I will be offering much if not all of the same services as the bigger companies, but with lower prices for the small or local business's to be able to compete on the 'National' market level. It is just a matter of time now for me, and some more research into the software and systems. A lot can be done with just my Droid smartphone, and it can be run on my laptop, without being on-line all the time.
  I am psyched for this to get going, but am going to ease into it. I will start part time with a few clients who are already interested. I might team up with a few of my software companies as a distributer for their systems as well as offer my service. In the long run, I hope to be doing at least $2500 a month to $15000 a month in contract service sales. It all depends on how much I want to offer and what services I affiliate with as a sales agent.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Illusion of Perfection, even in the 'Gods'

Okay folks, load up and take aim, but at least read with an open mind.
   The universe knows no true 'perfection'. And here is my reasoning. The concept of perfection, by popular conception, means that no further change now can be done to improve that which it is, now. However, all creation is, is a constant flux of change. Evolution would not be existent without that. Creation exists in harmony, if not in balance, of both Change and Destruction, and when all of these concepts are looked at, we see that all of these are a part of Chaos. Chaos in itself is neither Creation or Destruction, but a helping of both.
  Let us also look at the Hermetic Laws ( Universal Laws). Number one, Energy IS! Neither created nor destroyed, but always under the constant flux of change. Following Vibration, Rhythm, Motion, Likes/Dislikes, and so on, Energy CHANGES both in FORM and FUNCTION. It appears to be a creation of something new, or in some cases a destruction of something else to then become something entirely different to the observer. And by this methodology, definition and or example, it WILL change again, eventually.
  Now, what about the Evolution of Conscienceness, and the Evolution of the Spirit? These both state that the entity ( for lack of a better term and to simplify the example) will constantly change to better define itself and function. Look at the human animal, through evolutionary change and conscience as well as spirit, we have changed to become a completely different animal than what our ancestors and forefathers were. The Neanderthal man had thicker skin, more hair folicals, bigger jaws to house larger teeth. As they developed a larger brain capacity, and learned to use that brain to invent tools, they discovered how to make clothes, to cut and grind food, to create shelter and fire. Jump a few thousand years ahead, and we have developed thinner skin, smaller teeth and jaws, and less hair. Now that doesn't mean that man has done evolving.
  On trying to better define the function and definition of Spirit, Spirit is constantly developing new and different examples of itself, therefore it has not achieved 'perfection'. And I believe this to be true on all levels of existence, including the Gods. The Gods, loosely based on the definition that the Gods exist as independent expressions of Spirit, all show weaknesses and strengths based on their mythos. If you say that the Gods are created by the minds of man, then they are no more 'perfect' than man. If you believe that the Gods created man, then since we would be the creation of something that changes and or improves, has weakness and strengths, then we can be no more perfect than the creators.
 Simply put, we are expressions of the entity, that is Spirit, and thus created of Energy, and all energy is in what many within science and metaphysics explain as a 'Constant change, or Transmutation of Radiant Energy, recreating itself through different expressions.'
  Remember, you cannot change a thing until you accept it for what it is, and foresee a way, and a why, of what it can be, and influence it to become that. Even then it will be subject to change, eventually.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home - Mountain Breeze Massage and Aromatherapy Idaho Falls Idaho

Home - Mountain Breeze Massage and Aromatherapy Idaho Falls Idaho
Idaho Falls 'Best Kept Secret" for health and wellbeing, not to mention relaxation, would have to be Mountain Breeze Massage & Aromatherapy.
Why? Because Mis Nancy has been here in Idaho Falls doing this for 3 years, and once someone finds her office, they keep coming back. That and everyone who has become a 'regular' here doesn't usually advertise that the 'best' massage to be found is @ Mountain Breeze.
Why? Cause they hate it if Miss Nancy is too busy to get them in, even though many get 'same day' service and appointments. And now that Mountain Breeze has that big 'Walk Ins Welcome' sign, the 'regulars' are calling earlier in the day for afternoon and evening appointments.
The service, and massage, are great. And the benefits of Mountain Breeze are far to many to number, ... So come on down to Mountain Breeze to see for yourself why. That, and because you deserve to feel good!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting a job, and then keeping it...

  Yesterday, I put in 7 hours or so, working for a remodeling contractor. Now that in itself is not a big deal for me, I have been doing this kind of work on and off for 20+ years, but this one was a bit more interesting. The contractor has 40+ years in the business, in all phases of remodel and finish. Very detail oriented.
  I began taping and floating some sheet rock, that was badly installed. He was quick to point out that I was not doing it like he thought I should be doing it, and gave me some pointers. Okay, I like learning new and different things and ways to do them. Then he went over my work and said that it was fine, and that a lot of the imperfections would be hidden by his texturing later. No big deal there either.
  Next we went to another job site, and he had me finish grouting a laundry room and bathroom while he tiled another bathroom. Fine, I can grout, did so for over two years in Memphis and such. First he wanted me to mix the grout thick, almost as thick or more than his thin-set batch he was using. Okay, he's the boss. then he wanted me to slap the top grout in a way I have not done using a masons blocking trowel. Again, new to me, but I figured it out and went about doing as I was told. I then 'fixed' a few grout issues that another worker had done the day before. And also finished up some grouting that had been left undone.
  After the day was done, we chatted a bit, he seemed happy with my abilities and knowledge as well as my willingness to learn from him his techniques.
  Now, here is where I messed up. I thought he said to be back at this one site at 10am. I was wrong, it was 9am. And I apologize. He was not thrilled. then he went on and on about my inabilities and lack of skill. Excuse me? Then accused me of lieing to him about my work experience.  I of course defended my abilities and experience, and pointed out that there are many contractors in the field that each have a different way of how things should be done. He accepted that as true, and explained that they were all wrong, of course.
  He handed me $80 for the work I had done and fired me. I explained that I had only logged 7.5 hours and at the rate that he agreed to pay me, it added up to only$60, so I gave him $20 back. He looked at me with a blank face. And I told him, "I am honest, if nothing else." And politely drove away.
  No, I am heartbroke, unemployed, and humbled due to a few mistakes, but I am still honest and worthy. Instead of ranting and raving, I continue my search. Honestly.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspirations come from all sides...

  While watching one of my favorite past time TV shows, it hit me. After aggravation, seemingly overwhelming disasters, and all the daily distractions in our lives, we find bits of inspiration and affirmations of good, of hope, of success, all hidden in the middle of it. We simply are programmed for negativity, it seems, from birth. We see and respond to negativity before observing the positive, and many times miss those moments. We forget to observe the 'bigger picture' at times, and get caught up in the 'here and now', allowing our plans and goals to get shuffled around and set aside.
  Depression used to be rare, even in times of great woe and war. now it seems too many of us fall into that deep pit we have dug for ourselves. And let's not forget the mania, that opposite extreme, that blinds us to way too many things that help 'balance' us as a functional people. We blame a lot of things for everything, yet we forget that we are the target and the instigators of the majority of these issues. How many times have we blamed some one or some thing for our unhappiness? This is true for our happiness as well.
  Take ownership of your situation. We can only decide to be victims or volunteers in the situations in life that we find ourselves in. I know we cannot 'control' every bit of our lives, but we do manipulate and influence what happens in our world, so we can spend a little more time in forethought of outcomes. If you believe that you cannot control any part of your life, then you are a victim by your choice. If you believe that you can influence how things are going in your life, then you are an active volunteer in what happens to you. it is that simple. The hard part, for many people, is that we have to claim the responsibility, or claim the blame, it our situations. In todays modern world, not people will do that readily.
  We strive to correct wrongs, make things 'right', to improve what we can, and  basically try to get along. Or not. That all depends on things like; ethics, social  and religious morals, personal likes and dislikes, EGO, and 'popular' demands. Chivalric life is not so dead, neither is Anarchy. They both exist even into today, at many levels and in many places. Chaos is part of Creation, and both the major influence in Change. Being a tad bit more observant of the 'big picture' as well as being aware of the immediate situation, will help govern our decisions and our lives.
  Sometimes, the sunset is a backdrop for a more important or inspiring thing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

An Extended Profile

We do not know each other, least not on a personal level. But I do believe that we seem to know a little about each other, or better, we have heard many things about each other by sources both reliable and not so much, which feed us both truths and lies, and mostly opinions. This does no good, not for any type of accurate understanding of each other. Neither of us has had much chance, nor made it a choice, to actually converse in some sort of personal manner and actually share individual knowledge, opinions and ideas. And I find myself wondering why. So here is a bit of a profile for you;
I do a lot of research in my studies. I research places, both those I have visited, and those I have yet to personally be. I research cultures, mine, my ancestors, and the many more I am curious about. I research individuals as well, those I have met, those I hear or read about, just about everyone that intrigues me I suppose. You see, as a student of History and one of social psychology, these things are important to me and my studies. As a student of a cultural religion, as a Druid, and as a councilor, these are important things to me. These studies of people, cultures and places all help me in my studies of my own self.
   You see, I know a lot about me though all these studies. I am very egocentric, controlling, eccentric, and meticulous as well as organized. These are not faults as some would believe, they are strengths in a way. I use them to place me into a position of individuality, so that I am seen and understood the same by family, friend and foe alike as the same person. My principals have never altered because I am too damn stubborn to alter them, or change them for anybody except for my own self, and then rarely. I also don't accept many others beliefs, I tend to think for myself, and research, study and test beliefs. Many people who do know me will agree that I stand on my principals to a fault.
   I teach that before you know a thing, you must come to understand all of it's aspects. To know the truths of a thing, you must also know it's lies. (or what it is not) Once you know these things, you begin to understand it. In Druidic teachings, it is sometimes said; See it not, Hear it not, Touch it not, Smell it not, Taste it not, but Know it and become it. It is a method of shape shifting magic. To better understand myself, I utilize the perception of others of myself. I meditate on their views and opinions of me, and on my views and opinions of them as well. We are so much more than the composite of our own beliefs, our environment, and our culture(s). And no, I have not learned it all, this is a life long journey. So I question a lot.
   I also teach that when you question, ask questions from many sources, both to those who know and to those who are skeptic of your study. Truths are not always facts, and facts aren't always as they appear. This way, one can form a more or better informed opinion. This also leads to a stronger belief. In certain ceremonial magic, one will find a passage that conveys this strength of belief. It has even been adopted into the Wiccan teachings of some as well. “There is a Truth, a Truth above all lies. It is that which is above, is also so to that which is below.” Sound familiar? Ask Terry about it. It is a basis of study for many of us, to examine evidence appearing real, to question Facts not supported, and to test theory unfounded by evidence or fact.
   As a serious student of history, cultural folklore and archeology are they only tools that science and popular culture accept in evidence of any record. Most times the two walk hand in hand and show support for each other. Some times they are in opposition of fact, evidence, and cultural lore. Sometimes, to add to the confusion, there is only lore, or a piece of evidence or fact that stands alone and cannot be supported harmonious enough to gather popular support. There is where we have supposition, or observed opinion. There is where science, history and religious or cultural belief have issues. Here also is where most of us take issue.
    I teach a simple view about history. History, is written by the winners, or those who are in control. It is his-story, and at best, only 70-80% accurate. Myth is an older history that has lost evidence or lacks facts to give it solidity, it is my- if. Myth is based on some truth, but only about 20%. Legend is even older, it has little evidence outside of it's culture and no hard fact save imagined pictures or passages, it is the end of the ledge of history. It has less than 5% truth by the time we learn of it. However, these things are a part of our history, our cultures, and has been deeply ingrained and accepted in our lives and our beliefs. These things make up a core of who we are, and in turn, it helps us develop other beliefs that soon become our principals. From here we develop our 'morals' and 'ethics'.
I am also a bit brash, honestly blunt and brutally opinionated at times. I hold no apologies for this either. Mainly because I am very passionate about my beliefs, as I am passionate about just about everything. It's part of being eccentric I think, at least that is what I am told quite often. But I try to temper it all with honest concern and moderation. It is true, at least for me, that honesty is the best policy, however, discretion should be the rule. Sometimes, I am not so discrete. And sometimes, I am too honest. I would never make it as a politician.
   Now, with all this, I am also well educated. Terry accuses me at times of being a walking encyclopedia. I don't agree. But I do have a tendency to study the things that interest me or cross my studies of other things. Often I have three researches going on at once just to get a better over all picture of what I am trying to find out. I even split my majors in college due to diverse interests. I majored in Cultural History of Europe and Social psychology. I then continued into structural maintenance engineering and then into business management. I also studied pharmacology as a first responder (EMT). Wilderness medicine and wilderness survival came later as far as formal training goes, as a registered and licensed wilderness guide. And let us not forget my religious studies at seminary as a Catholic(1980's) and my studentship under various druids (1984-1990) the combined studies with SDCW-ATC (1991-2004), ADF (1996-2006) the OBOD (2002-2008) the RNDA (1994-2008) and my ongoing studies with the Witch School International (2000-) and the Grey School of Wizardry (2008-) and all my other individual mentors, Druids and Wiccans, Witches and Ceremonial Magicians. Thus allowing me to study Druidry, Druidism, Wicca, American Witchcraft Traditions, Voodoo, Tao, Celtic Cultural mythology, Norse Cultural mythology, and the various denominations of Christianity. And yes, I attend just about every 'church' invitation I can regardless of the tradition or denomination. I am proud of this, and take pains to continue to learn everything I can in these.
    To top all this off, or round out this personality profile for you, I was a Boy Scout, from a Cub to an Eagle Scout Leader. My family is deep in military history, my father a Marine for 32 years, my step-father a Navy man for 21 years, two brothers in the Army, myself did a stint in the Army, many uncles served as well. I also come from a ranching family, and old ranching and wilderness family here in America., my mothers family from the Missouri tribes ( Cherokee mostly, with some French). I am more at home in the wilderness. This might be why I am considered a bit crass or brash. I am considered a survivalist by many. Not the hard core in the movie crazy kind, but one of those people that seem to have the ability to get through a lot of things as easily as walking down the sidewalk. This is also why I am short on emotional observation, I have emotions, I just don't show them much. I am also not sympathetic, however I am empathetic. I avoid emotional issues, and deal with things internally, a lot. But, I am Passionate!
    At my last emotional and mental evaluation, I was diagnosed with an above average IQ and intuitiveness, slightly depressed, showed significant manic tendencies, and considered homicidal in conflict issues. None the less, I adjust and deal with issues as they come and do not carry grudges nor do I tend to cause trouble. Mostly I mediate. I dive into issues, find the causes, look at the interactions, and help to decide appropriate action(s) to take to solve and or dissolve the issues.
   Well, that's me, mostly, in a nutshell. If I offend you, then I made you think. I do not do so intentionally to create discord. I have always agreed to disagree with anyone on anything. You cannot change a thing, until you accept it for what it is. I do not guarantee I will change anything about myself, and am not trying to change you. I only have to justify myself to my self, and find myself only answerable to myself.
      Again, I do not apologize for being me, just trying to explain myself.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Having a page on a social website

   One would figure that if you put up the time and energy to create a webpage on a social networking site that you would welcome public viewing of it. What would be the point of having a 'private' page on a public site? You can still manage who can find it, access it, and even 'post' on it. And if you post something, and someone else 'comments' or 'relies' to it, why delete it or hide it and then block the other poster(s) when it is mainly a difference of opinion. Lock your page from other 'posters' if you are afraid of someone putting your opinion to the test.
   I have a few social networking or social media pages, and several other public sites and pages that I manage and use to network, and I have had at many times other people access them and post to them things that I disagree with. It spurs conversation, and debate, as well as knowledge and information other than my own, which is the reason I use them. Rarely have I deleted them, but I have. Usually though it is due to language or because it has moved from debate to all out argument. It is my page, and I have to answer to the website moderators, not my 'visitors'. But still, in over ten years of using social networking sites, I have only deleted or blocked and or unfriended only 6 people.
  Now I know that I am outspoken, hold strong opinions, and can be quite frank and blunt, however here's the thing, I am most usually well versed, educated and or experienced in the things that I tend to 'post', 'blog' or write about which includes when I 'post' on other peoples sites. I do ask quite a few questions about things that interests me and I have limited understanding of, how else will one learn I ask? And I have been in several debates of point and opinion, argue facts and evidence, and a lot of religious discussions with others. Some are honest questions, some are offers to debate, some even outright attacks. All can be dealt with through civil communication, education, and a bit of tolerance and understanding.
   It's on a public forum, public page, open social network or even if it is on a personal website, if there is the ability to post, comment or whatever, then it is allowed to all who find it or have access to it. Honor that. If it is something that is opposed to, state it. If it something that violates the site, then forward it to the website management or moderators, they can handle the violator. To display something on your page, and someone opposes it or disagrees with it, handle it any way you like really. But be adult about it. Own up to it.
Yeah, some times we rant. That's why we have these sites too!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pondering on the future...

  After all the storms last month, the 3 world waking earthquakes this year( counting last winter's, as I am a Pagan and see this as the same time frame) I renewed my search and skills of survival and preparedness. Why? What did I just point out? If you add these events, and several more, to the global climate changes, the fact that we spill more greenhouse gases than ever before, with no real signs of actual reduction in any country, and the political unrest in over 35% OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS. Now you can begin to see what has preoccupied my mind here of late, and I try not to be 'plugged in' to the world affairs.
  Growing up, I was a Boy Scout, and that mindset, of "Be Prepared", has never left me through out life. Later on, through training and services, I developed a very strong sense of preparedness and survival. Martial arts, camping, hunting, fishing and wilderness, these were my past times. While studying my religious beliefs and practicing Nature worship, I developed a new found love and understanding of the nature of Earth and all it's inhabitants that I encountered. from docile fields and forests, to jungle, swamp and mountain as well as earthquakes (my personal experience was only a 6.2), tornadoes, and hurricanes. My mindset was always focused on what was going on, and how to survive it.
  In my middle ages now, I still render my mind into that 'survival' mode in an instant. Through practice and meditation I develop a clairaudiance and clairvoyance that is very unnerving at times to my fellow 'disaster' explorers. A clairaty that astounds myself at times, but allows me to function and do whatever I need to, without the distraction of what is happening. After the event is over, I can clearly see how afraid I was, what was going on, and am surprised that I did what I did. However, I take none of it for granted, and am rarely lead wrong by my survival instincts, my training and skills, and my atunement with Nature.
  My preparedness is shared with my family, we have a 'camp' box which is ready to load and go, our camp equipment stays in good repair and is ready anytime to load and go. We all share a love for the wilderness as well as a deep respect for the power of Nature, both the beautiful and the terrible. we all understand that things can go horribly wrong very quickly, and we are best to be observant in our world, least we miss our cue to act.
  So what am I worried about most? Weather or Natural disaster? Man made disaster? Epidemic? War? All of the above is very possible, and at any time. I am acutely aware of earthquake and volcanic activity since I currently live in South east Idaho, only a few hours west of Yellowstone. Floods concern me as well, although  I am well aware of the gigantic valley I live in, I know flooding is a real possibility every Spring here in the upper Snake River Valley. So I watch weather patterns like a hawk watches the fields.  And I check USGS websites and news about the US fault lines, volcanoes, and geothermic activity, and not just here in Idaho and  the Yellowstone. I am also keenly aware of US military as well as other world military movements. I watch the economic news and world trade activity more than I watch the US Congress.
  I am a student of History, and History tends to repeat itself, a lot! The US has been a great nation, but has been a broken machine that has seen ill repair in it's ability to function. And now it is ripe to fail by many means, including trying to fix it. And the US isn't the only nation in that state of being, over 40% of the world nations are facing the same situation. So what then? How will we deal with the government breaking completely down? It is crumbling one step at a time, and everyone is pointing fingers and laying blame, but no-one is actually doing anything to stop it from falling apart, nor trying to rebuild it. Depressing at best, nightmarish at worse.
  So I ponder the future, man made disaster? Natural disaster? Is it all in my head? To me it doesn't matter, I just want to be aware and be prepared for what comes next. What about you?