Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pondering on the future...

  After all the storms last month, the 3 world waking earthquakes this year( counting last winter's, as I am a Pagan and see this as the same time frame) I renewed my search and skills of survival and preparedness. Why? What did I just point out? If you add these events, and several more, to the global climate changes, the fact that we spill more greenhouse gases than ever before, with no real signs of actual reduction in any country, and the political unrest in over 35% OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS. Now you can begin to see what has preoccupied my mind here of late, and I try not to be 'plugged in' to the world affairs.
  Growing up, I was a Boy Scout, and that mindset, of "Be Prepared", has never left me through out life. Later on, through training and services, I developed a very strong sense of preparedness and survival. Martial arts, camping, hunting, fishing and wilderness, these were my past times. While studying my religious beliefs and practicing Nature worship, I developed a new found love and understanding of the nature of Earth and all it's inhabitants that I encountered. from docile fields and forests, to jungle, swamp and mountain as well as earthquakes (my personal experience was only a 6.2), tornadoes, and hurricanes. My mindset was always focused on what was going on, and how to survive it.
  In my middle ages now, I still render my mind into that 'survival' mode in an instant. Through practice and meditation I develop a clairaudiance and clairvoyance that is very unnerving at times to my fellow 'disaster' explorers. A clairaty that astounds myself at times, but allows me to function and do whatever I need to, without the distraction of what is happening. After the event is over, I can clearly see how afraid I was, what was going on, and am surprised that I did what I did. However, I take none of it for granted, and am rarely lead wrong by my survival instincts, my training and skills, and my atunement with Nature.
  My preparedness is shared with my family, we have a 'camp' box which is ready to load and go, our camp equipment stays in good repair and is ready anytime to load and go. We all share a love for the wilderness as well as a deep respect for the power of Nature, both the beautiful and the terrible. we all understand that things can go horribly wrong very quickly, and we are best to be observant in our world, least we miss our cue to act.
  So what am I worried about most? Weather or Natural disaster? Man made disaster? Epidemic? War? All of the above is very possible, and at any time. I am acutely aware of earthquake and volcanic activity since I currently live in South east Idaho, only a few hours west of Yellowstone. Floods concern me as well, although  I am well aware of the gigantic valley I live in, I know flooding is a real possibility every Spring here in the upper Snake River Valley. So I watch weather patterns like a hawk watches the fields.  And I check USGS websites and news about the US fault lines, volcanoes, and geothermic activity, and not just here in Idaho and  the Yellowstone. I am also keenly aware of US military as well as other world military movements. I watch the economic news and world trade activity more than I watch the US Congress.
  I am a student of History, and History tends to repeat itself, a lot! The US has been a great nation, but has been a broken machine that has seen ill repair in it's ability to function. And now it is ripe to fail by many means, including trying to fix it. And the US isn't the only nation in that state of being, over 40% of the world nations are facing the same situation. So what then? How will we deal with the government breaking completely down? It is crumbling one step at a time, and everyone is pointing fingers and laying blame, but no-one is actually doing anything to stop it from falling apart, nor trying to rebuild it. Depressing at best, nightmarish at worse.
  So I ponder the future, man made disaster? Natural disaster? Is it all in my head? To me it doesn't matter, I just want to be aware and be prepared for what comes next. What about you?

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