Monday, May 30, 2011

New Business venture....

  I have been doing a lot of marketing for Mountain Breeze lately, and have learned a lot of tips and tricks to link accounts to the social media. Then I began running social media network software that increased the flow of traffic considerably to Mountain Breeze. Now I am looking into being able to do that for more people and businesses. It's called Social Media marketing...
  Really simple concept, and most of the ground work is laid out in software use and account construction, the trick is having the computer capability and know-how to accomplish it. I have made a few good contacts in the industry here of late, and received many offers and information so that I can get my feet wet, as well as continue to build the marketing plans that I have begun. I cannot believe that I can not achieve a decent if not better living doing this part time, or even full time, and still have plenty of time to enjoy life.
  Blogging, Tweeting, socializing on various networks and websites, adding links and link-backs, banner placement,... these are all things I do already for myself, and now I can do it, with the addition of some automated software, and get paid for it. Add that to the referral programs that I do, and the paid emails, and the few surveys, and I might find myself working 5 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and making decent money. I know, sounds too good to be true? I never said I was going to get rich quick and easy, I will have to work at it, and promote it. But it is honest, and the systems that I use do work for increasing web traffic to my accounts.
  I am building an on-line presence for my marketing business as of this month, and hope to be open and ready for new clients by mid to late June 2011. I am still working out the rates and service/monthly charges, but am very cautious not to cut the prices too low and be competitive with the 'big boys'. I will be offering much if not all of the same services as the bigger companies, but with lower prices for the small or local business's to be able to compete on the 'National' market level. It is just a matter of time now for me, and some more research into the software and systems. A lot can be done with just my Droid smartphone, and it can be run on my laptop, without being on-line all the time.
  I am psyched for this to get going, but am going to ease into it. I will start part time with a few clients who are already interested. I might team up with a few of my software companies as a distributer for their systems as well as offer my service. In the long run, I hope to be doing at least $2500 a month to $15000 a month in contract service sales. It all depends on how much I want to offer and what services I affiliate with as a sales agent.

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