Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Illusion of Perfection, even in the 'Gods'

Okay folks, load up and take aim, but at least read with an open mind.
   The universe knows no true 'perfection'. And here is my reasoning. The concept of perfection, by popular conception, means that no further change now can be done to improve that which it is, now. However, all creation is, is a constant flux of change. Evolution would not be existent without that. Creation exists in harmony, if not in balance, of both Change and Destruction, and when all of these concepts are looked at, we see that all of these are a part of Chaos. Chaos in itself is neither Creation or Destruction, but a helping of both.
  Let us also look at the Hermetic Laws ( Universal Laws). Number one, Energy IS! Neither created nor destroyed, but always under the constant flux of change. Following Vibration, Rhythm, Motion, Likes/Dislikes, and so on, Energy CHANGES both in FORM and FUNCTION. It appears to be a creation of something new, or in some cases a destruction of something else to then become something entirely different to the observer. And by this methodology, definition and or example, it WILL change again, eventually.
  Now, what about the Evolution of Conscienceness, and the Evolution of the Spirit? These both state that the entity ( for lack of a better term and to simplify the example) will constantly change to better define itself and function. Look at the human animal, through evolutionary change and conscience as well as spirit, we have changed to become a completely different animal than what our ancestors and forefathers were. The Neanderthal man had thicker skin, more hair folicals, bigger jaws to house larger teeth. As they developed a larger brain capacity, and learned to use that brain to invent tools, they discovered how to make clothes, to cut and grind food, to create shelter and fire. Jump a few thousand years ahead, and we have developed thinner skin, smaller teeth and jaws, and less hair. Now that doesn't mean that man has done evolving.
  On trying to better define the function and definition of Spirit, Spirit is constantly developing new and different examples of itself, therefore it has not achieved 'perfection'. And I believe this to be true on all levels of existence, including the Gods. The Gods, loosely based on the definition that the Gods exist as independent expressions of Spirit, all show weaknesses and strengths based on their mythos. If you say that the Gods are created by the minds of man, then they are no more 'perfect' than man. If you believe that the Gods created man, then since we would be the creation of something that changes and or improves, has weakness and strengths, then we can be no more perfect than the creators.
 Simply put, we are expressions of the entity, that is Spirit, and thus created of Energy, and all energy is in what many within science and metaphysics explain as a 'Constant change, or Transmutation of Radiant Energy, recreating itself through different expressions.'
  Remember, you cannot change a thing until you accept it for what it is, and foresee a way, and a why, of what it can be, and influence it to become that. Even then it will be subject to change, eventually.

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