Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspirations come from all sides...

  While watching one of my favorite past time TV shows, it hit me. After aggravation, seemingly overwhelming disasters, and all the daily distractions in our lives, we find bits of inspiration and affirmations of good, of hope, of success, all hidden in the middle of it. We simply are programmed for negativity, it seems, from birth. We see and respond to negativity before observing the positive, and many times miss those moments. We forget to observe the 'bigger picture' at times, and get caught up in the 'here and now', allowing our plans and goals to get shuffled around and set aside.
  Depression used to be rare, even in times of great woe and war. now it seems too many of us fall into that deep pit we have dug for ourselves. And let's not forget the mania, that opposite extreme, that blinds us to way too many things that help 'balance' us as a functional people. We blame a lot of things for everything, yet we forget that we are the target and the instigators of the majority of these issues. How many times have we blamed some one or some thing for our unhappiness? This is true for our happiness as well.
  Take ownership of your situation. We can only decide to be victims or volunteers in the situations in life that we find ourselves in. I know we cannot 'control' every bit of our lives, but we do manipulate and influence what happens in our world, so we can spend a little more time in forethought of outcomes. If you believe that you cannot control any part of your life, then you are a victim by your choice. If you believe that you can influence how things are going in your life, then you are an active volunteer in what happens to you. it is that simple. The hard part, for many people, is that we have to claim the responsibility, or claim the blame, it our situations. In todays modern world, not people will do that readily.
  We strive to correct wrongs, make things 'right', to improve what we can, and  basically try to get along. Or not. That all depends on things like; ethics, social  and religious morals, personal likes and dislikes, EGO, and 'popular' demands. Chivalric life is not so dead, neither is Anarchy. They both exist even into today, at many levels and in many places. Chaos is part of Creation, and both the major influence in Change. Being a tad bit more observant of the 'big picture' as well as being aware of the immediate situation, will help govern our decisions and our lives.
  Sometimes, the sunset is a backdrop for a more important or inspiring thing.

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