Thursday, May 5, 2011

Having a page on a social website

   One would figure that if you put up the time and energy to create a webpage on a social networking site that you would welcome public viewing of it. What would be the point of having a 'private' page on a public site? You can still manage who can find it, access it, and even 'post' on it. And if you post something, and someone else 'comments' or 'relies' to it, why delete it or hide it and then block the other poster(s) when it is mainly a difference of opinion. Lock your page from other 'posters' if you are afraid of someone putting your opinion to the test.
   I have a few social networking or social media pages, and several other public sites and pages that I manage and use to network, and I have had at many times other people access them and post to them things that I disagree with. It spurs conversation, and debate, as well as knowledge and information other than my own, which is the reason I use them. Rarely have I deleted them, but I have. Usually though it is due to language or because it has moved from debate to all out argument. It is my page, and I have to answer to the website moderators, not my 'visitors'. But still, in over ten years of using social networking sites, I have only deleted or blocked and or unfriended only 6 people.
  Now I know that I am outspoken, hold strong opinions, and can be quite frank and blunt, however here's the thing, I am most usually well versed, educated and or experienced in the things that I tend to 'post', 'blog' or write about which includes when I 'post' on other peoples sites. I do ask quite a few questions about things that interests me and I have limited understanding of, how else will one learn I ask? And I have been in several debates of point and opinion, argue facts and evidence, and a lot of religious discussions with others. Some are honest questions, some are offers to debate, some even outright attacks. All can be dealt with through civil communication, education, and a bit of tolerance and understanding.
   It's on a public forum, public page, open social network or even if it is on a personal website, if there is the ability to post, comment or whatever, then it is allowed to all who find it or have access to it. Honor that. If it is something that is opposed to, state it. If it something that violates the site, then forward it to the website management or moderators, they can handle the violator. To display something on your page, and someone opposes it or disagrees with it, handle it any way you like really. But be adult about it. Own up to it.
Yeah, some times we rant. That's why we have these sites too!

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