Friday, September 16, 2011

An Understanding of Belief.

The importance you place on people, things, or ideas, are first and foremost yours.

     When we expect others to believe in these items as we do, then we are at fault, not they. It is our ideas, our ideals and our goals that we strive for, and we tend to try and justify them or vindicate them to and for others as well. True they might be of general or specific benefit to others, and others might join along side to promote and build these things to be, however, these are ours.
     When we adopt into our belief or integrate into our understanding things that are not originally ours, then we are promoting things that we, ourselves, want. It becomes a desire to 'own' or to create or to 'make real' or make 'happen'. We change our lives to fit those ideals and concepts, we base our actions to coincide with our beliefs. That makes them no less than any original concept that we ourselves had conceived.
     Belief, is a strong idea that is fueled by emotion and supported by either facts or testament. There will not always be facts or evidence in direct support of our many beliefs. There will be supposition, estimation, educated guesses, theory, and emotional and intellectual argument. Belief falls under the great labels of Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Imagination. All of which make-up the entity we know and understand as ourselves. Facts play an important roll in science and law, but it is in our belief, that facts are only play a supporting roll and are often overruled.
     When dealing with emotion and intellect, we oftentimes break into factions that retain bits and pieces of facts and feeling. We disagree on concepts or appearances of truth or lie. We diversify the original thoughts or ideals into other, newer things. That is the nature of evolution, to survive by creating a better mode of transportation and sustainability in our current environment. The original thought or ideal is still present, it now hold different aspects of itself current in its application.
     All things are subject to two concepts within science and philosophy; they must be temporal and corporeal. That they will exist in a statement of time, and that they will exist in a form that can be measured in mass or capacity. Time affect, adjusts, matures and eradicates all things. Not Time itself, but our observation of it. Under the Universal Law of 'Transmutation of Radiant Energy', all things change through the course (time) of its existence. None of us can change that, even plastic will break down given enough time.
     This is relevant because thoughts are things. You can kill any living thing, or wait till it dies; however, thoughts are almost immortal in their existence, more so when they are diversified to continue their existence. However, our concept of immortality is a bit flawed as we can not imagine with any certainty an infinite concept with our finite reasoning and limitations. The point is, thought will out live the thinker. And each adaptation will continue to relay the original thought.
     That, my fellows, is the power of belief.

Sean ( Shadar) Bigham
Druid Adept

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  1. THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I had a GREAT therapist, and she said I was destroying myself b/c I was letting what everyone else 'thought' dictate things...and my trying to make their reality and mine mesh was driving me buggers. Now, I worry about mine, and as long as you 'get it', I'm ok w/ that! :)