Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Message to the Nations Government by it's People

This movement of meaning, our occupation of our Nations Public places, and the messages that we bring,
are not weakend by Police eviction, not quieted by Government officials and not broken by coroprate banks.
We are given strength and resolve by witnessing the force and oppression against us.
We are feed by the reduced and restricted servings of our Constitutional Rights.
We are encouraged to continue on by the unlawful demands of those who would defeat us.

For every peaceful occupation disrupted
For every peaceful assembly disturbed
For every individual harrassed
We are shown and acknowledged in our Power.

This country, our Nation, the United States of America
was founded upon the freedom of government dictation,
the restriction of freedom, under the belief that we, not the wealty,
not the corporate machine, but we, The People, would govern ourselves
by representation, equal and freely choses and held accountable to the populace.

We arre calling for such accountability
We are demanding our government secured Rights
We are exercising our Freedom.

The Power of this Nation was born on the backs of citizens like us
The Soventry of this Nation was secured by its People
And the future of this Nation is our, the citizens, to decide

We are standing together, more powerful each time we are attacked.
We are speaking out, louder each time we are detained.
We grow more numerous, more determined, and more focused every day

We are the 99%,
and we want our Nation back!

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