Sunday, February 12, 2012


 Anyone who has met me can tell you one thing, I am mostly straight forward about my observations and reserved about my opinions. Anyone who has spent a day with me can tell you that I am blunt yet not brutal, and handle a lot of things with an amount of diplomacy and patience to see things through to the end. And everyone who has spent at least a week around me can testify to my position on standing on my principals, holding to my oaths, and 'walking my talk'. So when people mistake me for some run of the mill so and so, I have to remind myself that they have not had the benefits of experience about my person, nor fair warning of my personality.
     I have been recently offended and internally injured. My ethical standards attacked, my Faith tested, and my service as clergy belittled and questioned. Normally this combination of events and affronts would not phase me so, however, due to the personage of this individual who has made the ill fated mistake of performing it, I AM LIVID. 
     This was not a 'concerned family member trying to save my soul', that I have always dealt with through my teachings, and usually theirs as well, with tact and diplomacy, respect and understanding. This was not some random stranger to my faith or religious beliefs, for they too I handle quite well and help inform or educate them, or the very least accept our differences and agree to disagree. This was a supposed educated, experienced and fellow practitioner of a Pagan faith.
     One who tried to convince me I was at odds with my teachings. That I was in breach of Ordains, By-Laws and contracts as a clergy-member. That I was being disrespectful, one the verge of attacking or shunning them. That I was refusing advise and council, even friendship. There was only one, slightly important, mistake... That this person was not only wrong, that this person not only openly lied, that this person mistakenly implied threats... no non of that really. It was that this person not only made the mistake to blatantly attack me, it's that I will not tolerate that kind of action by someone who supposedly knows better and that they consider themselves my equal or better! This person will be held accountable.

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