Sunday, June 16, 2013

Whats wrong with Society today?

Large topic, and many willing answers to it. But we seem to address everything about society as a whole from a very narrow angle, self perspective. Myself included. So how can we address the wonders and wrongs of a society? First we must be an active part in all of the society that we are gauging. That means we are part, not observing from the outer rims of society. This means we are part of whatever is going on, actively creating the present sociological moment....
But that is a long subject beyond the scope of my writings here in a blog; a blog that is written from a single viewpoint in time and place, and not as described in above measure....
 Lets start with this...."We the People...." As I am in America, I will refer to this one great piece of legislature that governs our land. The Constitution begins quite plainly and simply, outlying the 'sovereign rights' of the People and how we retain the control over our lives with the help of the civil servants known as our government officials who have only the power we grant them to help us in our daily lives to fulfill our 'American Dream' of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The Bill of Rights, those first very important Amendments to the U. S. Constitution are simply that, rights. They are not subject to qualifiers to any American born (and later Naturalized) citizens. They are not 'privileges' subject to Government allowance, as the Government likes to believe.
All American citizens have been taught to believe that the government has control over all things, while in fact it has very little legal authority in our daily lives. Our Laws, both State and Federal, are mandated by the People first, then adjusted, applied and regulated by the Government in and for our behalf...Seeing it from this angle it seems that we are in control, yet we do not get to see this often as the illusion of servitude has been eroded from our government and placed somehow upon the people.
Proverbial and literal lines have been drawn and drawn again in the constant clash of government overstepping it's authority and private citizens, the People, in restricting rampant and gross negligence of who is in servitude to who. The individual's rights are being superseded by the 'rights granted by government' to entities who have no individual or single point of responsibility nor accountability for denying individual rights and imposing their own wishes over the majority. That is known as Capitalism over Democracy, and was one of the reasons that this country was formed, in the accordance of all having equal rights, not just the wealthy.
When these lines are tested, by either side, we call it a protest, then a riot...Media can play either side, yet since the majority of mainstream media is owned or regulated by individuals who are either in corporate or government seats, guess who the favor and which way they tilt the view-point. Rarely are the People heard after that, and only the misgivings stated by whom ever is currently in 'authority' over the people....laughable if it weren't so demeaning and troubling. So is Society in the wrong for demanding of it's civil servants to perform their service to the People? Or is the Government in 'control' and hold 'authority' over the People?

In these last few years, from Egypt to Australia, whenever people gather to voice their demands to the government and assemble to address the government, they are met with denial by their government, and even  forcefully removed, beaten and arrested. Now, I don't know about every other country, but in America, that is as Un-Constitutional as you can get. And we should not only allow this to happen, we should bring the offending civil servants to justice. The Supreme Law of the land, the U. S. Constitution, is on our side in these matters, not some bank, nor corporation, nor any government official has any more 'rights' than the People that hold this government and this land.
The U. S. Government, under one form or another, by one name or title or another, actually owns large swaths of lands as well as small parcels. No matter the name of the land, nor the entity which governs or regulates such land, there is one thing that they do not want to admit nor tell you.... We own the land. Again, the government stands to support its citizens, thus they hold onto only what we allow them, and only if it should benefit the Nation as a whole, not a profit for any if not all. And what about Public Lands....

Public means, well....PUBLIC. These pieces of land or 'property' are accessible by the public. The Government is responsible for the upkeep and protection of use of these areas, not the regulation nor the ability to deny use of public lands from the public...
Wanna see some Public lands that were once thought of and treated as if by owned by the People and that are no longer freely accessible by the People?.........
The House and Congress... no longer the Peoples House.
The Supreme Court House..no longer the Peoples Court House.
The White House...which has been steadily restricted by the Government to allow less and less access of the People since 1935, and now is rarely visited outside of Presidential invitation or $1300 tour fee (and that is IF you pass their Security background check)
No Longer the Peoples House.
There is something wrong with today's Society alright, but it did not start with the People in action, it started because we did not act. The Government decided to start regulating our sovereign rights, and we were quiet.
The Government began to regulate and restrict our access to address them in office, and we remained silent still. Then the government decided that they no longer worked for the People, and we reminded them that they were our representatives, and we were silenced by the Government.
Freedom is not an illusion, it is there for us, all we have to do is take it back. It comes with a price, and not one that can be bought for any amount of money....but through integrity, honesty, working hard, and yes even fighting and death may and will be the cost for us all to regain what has been ever so slowly and quietly taken away from us.

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