Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Morning Meditation Reflection

The Autumn leaf in red, blazing against a bright pre-winter frosty morning. There are yellows and golds, orange and even a few purples to be seen from my perch beside the window. The colors compete with one another in a last great show of Nature before the blanket of snow arrives and the skies turn from blue to grey. Colors that show every emotion, feelings hidden deep within our instinctive self, that know it is time to reflect before the long winters rest to come.
This is not unique to humans as we are part of this natural state of life. We follow the rhythms of Nature, the seasons of life as all creatures do. Nature speaks softly yet reveals so much in her display of light, weather, color and in her quiet. Wherever there is life, Nature speaks, and where there is quiet, there is a knowing. Even the smallest of things understand without question that this is so.
The Laws of Nature go on, unswayed by the inventions of mankind. The Earth moves and changes regardless of how man dictates days and nights, work and rest, construction and demolition. The lifeblood of the Earth is water, and even in the deepest of winter, it flows...from the skies and deep under the icy coverings of the rivers. The winds drive the seasonal changes influenced by solar flares and solar winds originating deep in space by the Sun... yet mankind only revels in the days marked out by calendars, who's origins come from mankind and are as fallible as only mankind can be while trying to regulate something much greater than their understanding can be.
Autumn, begins the time of reflection and preparations, for Winter comes. Winter comes without malice, without consideration, without expectation... It comes to bring us time of regeneration, of inner workings of projections. A time needed for rest and rejuvenation to remain in balance to Nature's course of life. In times long past, mankind huddled together and took rest from the long nights and only ventured slightly during the short days, but today they try to continue on in their daily workings as if there were no signals to slow down. Man's imitation day lit by false lights gives mankind the illusion of day, and a drive to continue work, their 'progress' must go on, yet they care not for the 'progress' of the inner self, the natural man. They no longer listen to the voice of Nature, nor do they choose to see the signs of the Great Cycle that all other life follows.
Those that are not blind to the sight, and can hear the messages upon the winds are called dreamers, poets, romantics,...and fools. Yet these are the people who can feel deeply and understand quietly and can live in such simple bliss of knowing. These are the ones in balance and live without the illusion of suffering.

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