Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking beyond the Scenes of today

There is much going on, So much so, that is is getting harder and harder for us to maintain any amount of direct focus and direct action as a Nationally Growing movement. We are the 99%, and we are being laughed at, misrepresented, ignored and plotted against by the powers that remain in control.

   Even if you do not want to get involved, on one side or another, you already are! By ignoring the issues and continuing to go about your daily lives, you are supporting a system that is systematically destroying your rights, your future and your Nation. If you stand in agreeing with any part or reason, champion any issue shared, or understand that the system is not just dysfunctional, but broken, and yet you do not get 'involved', then you too are part of the problem, and are allowing the corruption to continue unchecked, unchallenged and  ultimately unstoppable.
   For over thirty years, this Nation has stepped further and further away from a profitable Nation, and focused on Military and International Wealth. Our elected government officials have been puppets to big money through multinational banks and corporations, that do not have the sovereign rights of a National citizen, but are allowed to influence votes and elected officials directly. We, the US citizens, have become 'second class', and are treated with disdain and neglect by the very people, and government, that is supposed to be working for us, protecting our interests, and providing for the welfare of our Nation, not some multinational organization.
   Educate yourself, inform your friends and families.  Drop your credit card accounts, relocate your money, checking and savings, into local banks, or better yet, credit unions. Shop your local markets, support your local businesses, and local farmers. Start 'breaking the backs' of these political corrupter's and multinational influence's. Vote! Demand that your elected officials answer to your City, County, State and National needs FIRST. Demand for laws to regulate and hold accountable elected officials and business's that break the law and add to the downfall of the Nation.
     Get involved! Pick a side!
Make history..... and help remake this Nation.

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