Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revolution? Why I Occupy!!!

     Its been a month now with the Occupy Wall Street, and it has grown all across our Nation and has bloomed even across the Globe as not just a movement, but as a growing political concern and voice. Big governments have begun to see the citizens of their countries as  a little more self empowered than they would like, including the USA. The corporate world has done their best to silence them through media black-outs, hiring private security, and funding influential government offices and police departments to break-up and secure the streets the squares and the parks. Yet they continually find themselves out numbered and out shouted by the people. Don't mistake it, it is the people that have become fed up with the FED, the corrupt bankers, the unethical corporations and the elected officials who, by means of kick-backs and pay outs, who really work for them and not the people who they are supposed to represent.

     In the early 1900's we traded gold for paper in this country and in 1933 we allowed the Gold Standard act to pass. In and of itself, that wasn't too bad, however, the banks began gaining more and more control over the US currency, as well as other National currency, and the government no longer controlled the economic growth or direction of it's own people. Take a look at this... or this one . Many times the banks tried to seize power over this Nation and all of its people, and they finally did. The government was bought and paid for, not in taxes, but by the big pockets of greedy bankers and corrupt corporations. The last stand against a central bank was lost with JFK, he was the last President to stand against them, and we all know what happened to him.

     The electoral college, a non-Democratic tactic, was hoisted into place, basically nullifying the 'popular vote' as applied to the Presidential election. 'Popular Vote', love that term, it shows the majority vote in any election or opinion, yet it now means nothing when applied to the office of the US President. That's because the corporations and the bankers know that they cannot buy off the entire or the majority of the US voters, so they buy off the Congress, and then they get the 'puppets' in the office that they want. It's business as usual for them, and we wind up with the 'business end' of the results of their decisions, like it or not. ( Bit of info for you, the Bail-Out didn't get passed in the Democratic system, it was a 'back-room deal, without vote, without public input. Isn't that unconstitutional?)
     Bail-Out? What a joke. Banks and big business, and even a hand-full of uber-wealthy, got billions. Billions of tax revenue, billions in tax cuts and tax breaks. Billions of money so that they could 'stay in business'. Then the closed plants, fired laborers, and foreclosed on the properties that they were going to be able to 'help' the public with in financing with all that 'new' money. The year after Bank of America was bailed out, they increased their foreclosure speed and effectively became the nations biggest real-estate company.  JP Morgan , after their share of the bail-out, also went ahead and foreclosed on companies and private investments, because they were not able to 'profit' from the investments. ??? We Bailed Them Out! and They Screwed us!

      I'm not anti-capitol, I'm not anti-corporation. I am, however, anti-un-ethical, anti-corrupt, and anti-stupid. I , just like millions of the 99% that are taking to the streets in protest, want to see these overstuffed ass-hats held accountable for their misguided judgement, for ruining the lives of millions of hard workers and honest citizens because they decided that they deserve more! It is bad enough that the Congress elects to give themselves raises without merit, but these people have destroyed lives in pursuit of GREED, and then think that we, as good little slaves, should be content with the scraps that they allow us to live on?
     And no, the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT owned by the Federal Government, it is a privately owned bank, or rather a system of banks, which has dominion over our currency. They set when and how much can be printed, they set the inflation and deflation of the currency. They own every dollar printed. It is an elaborate set of illusions that they present us when it comes to the true 'value' of a dollar, and that we have to have it. And we, we fell for it, hook line and sinker, that if we were or are to change it, the entire system will crush our economy and our government into a stand-still. Unless, of course, we can come up with an alternative. To do that, we have to take back our government from the corrupt bankers and business's, and return it to the hands of the people. Revolution? in a sense, yes. But one that we have been over-ripe for going on 20 years.
     Pick a side people. Standing in the middle of this one will get you run over. People over Politics. Needs over Greed. The time is now to start making the changes we were so ready for in the last election.

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