Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life's Journey...Or Ours?

 Sometimes, we walk a path already well marked and well trodden. Sometimes we find ourselves blazing new pathways. Often we are lead by a compass of some sort, marked by our desires, goals and dreams. At times we find our compass is only a hint at the direction we are headed. So what makes us continue... what changes our path? Many times we label things as happenstance, or 'life getting in the way'. But is it?

     Few of us believe in coincidences, yet we still find excuses that include the 'event' in our path as something that happened and we cannot control it. True, we are limited in controlling things in our lives as we are only a part of the co-creation of our world. Yet we have these obsticals and events there as part of our path, not a deterrent. How often we forget that. Trailblazing or following a well marked lane, we will always have the opportunity to find or experience things differently than what we expect. And thanks the Gods for them!

      How would we learn if not for those unscheduled events about maintaining direction...personal fortitude...determination... character...and always holding on to hope? If everything went as we expected, how droll would life be? Why would we seek balance, seek experience  even seek spirituality without conflict of some sort to our plans? Lets face it, conflict is a big part in every known religion...there's good and evil, dark and light, elements of earth vs water and air, and fire vs. water and earth... this is just an example but clearly marked in all religions. These are all lessons of balance, either by attaining them or removing balance from their interactions.
     We strive for enlightenment, balance, harmony...yet we avoid the conflicts and dislike venturing close to them.....and these are our lessons and teachers of the very goals we set fourth to achieve. How do you learn these things without taking the lessons or avoiding the teachers? Life gives the test before the class as many have said and destiny is a two part principal...one of creating what we desire by our own action, and one in creating what we need by Universal manipulation beyond that which we can control.
      I have been taught that knowledge is only the beginning of wisdom, what we know helps us decide action and course to follow. Wisdom is tested by what you do when you don't know what to do, and based on the knowledge that you can hold to comparison of the situation. Experience is our only teacher then, and that is where we will find ourselves, while we walk our paths in life. Equipped with will, desire, motivation, and with any luck, a strong moral and personal fortitude of self worth...we travel along looking for our goals, answers and destiny. Many times we find out that the path we actually are on, takes us much further along many lesser venues that we needed to experience so that we could better understand if not appreciate the path we chose to begin with.

     So we refer to our compass, and at times draw our maps through our journals. We find ourselves lost at times, and at other times set hard on our chosen coarse. We blaze through tangled jungles of confusion, sail seas salted with hardships, climb above mountains of personal issues, and wade through wondrous meadows of emotion. Such a journey is worth it....even if you are uncertain of the destination. And what of that?...a destination?
     We reach many crossroads between now and our chosen destination. We even change course in our quest to find a better path to it. But what is that destination? Where are we willing to go to get there from here? And why is it so important for us to reach it? Questions that we encounter, ideas that we meet, and perspectives that we begin to see all will ask us, and remind us, of that destination, and our purpose for finding it or achieving it. Sometimes it is a good thing to find a point in our journey to rest and reflect upon the  destination and our value that we place on it. It also allows us to take stock in our growing supply of knowledge and our new found skills learned.
     Whatever your answer, it is right for you, and only you. Whatever your destination, path, choice...these only you can decide on. The rest is up to the Universe to collaborate and work in conspiracy with, and against, to create the perfect experience that you will meet next along the way.
     Journey well, rest often, and may we meet sometime while on our way...

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