Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Rant

   I don't know about anyone else....
but if this government spend a single penny on rebuilding Wall Street and trading houses, I will support the rioters that will appear! 7.2 million people need our help on the East Coast, and it is the People that this Government is supposed to support and defend. All the World Trade and Bank Corporations have the money, they can rebuild themselves... the People have each other. 
   We don't need world trade right now, we need American know-how and muscle, American determination to get our country back from these international thieves and scamers and rebuild our Nation as a strong self sustaining country without the inflated dependency on foreign goods they we used to make here in America.
    We do not need the illusionary currency that these International Banks are driving this country further into debt...to them... We need National currency that this country has dominion over, not some private corporation.
    And lastly, we do not need polititions in our government, we need people who know how to govern a Nation, not politic themselves into more money for them while our tears are unattended and out cries are ignored. We need people who work for the People of this Nation, not some multinational group of thugs and thieves stealing our country one job, one product, one trade, at a time.
So take note America, civilian or government employee,...Rebuild America by rebuilding the security of the People, their homes, their families, their jobs, their future. 

Because without the People, this Government doesn't stand a chance.
And we have had enough excuses, enough litigation, enough apathy....

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