Saturday, April 9, 2011

Changing nation...

With all the things that are going wrong with our once top rated nation, I wonder where we are truly heading, and what kind if future, if any, that our children have. There are more people homeless every year, more people bankrupt, more businesses going under. Where is the upside to all this? How are we 'fixing' this as a nation?
Our steady march down this road has left a large scar along the natural world and in our history that blurs our predicted future. In our haste to create a greater nation, we have destroyed our resources, scattered our goals and bankrupted our future.
Plenty of people have suggested many treatments to these symptoms, but none have approached the cure to the cause of it all. Our scientists all agree on very few things, yet our polititions have failed to head the warnings and refuse to change due to'cost' and revenue. What??? Instead of applying a cure to solve natural resource issues, we can't afford to? What do we do after these resources are gone? Oh yeah, then we will change! Instead of rebuilding the crumbling infrastructures in America, we will send moneys and resources to other countries that 'need' our help. Why? So the elected folk of America can 'look' good to the U.N.? While our roads, bridges, seaports, education, Health, and every other governmental system is breaking down, we wanna fix some other country up? Are they gonna fix ours for us after they have their new schools, hospitals, bridges and roads?
And what about the rest of us? The 'blue collar' workers of America, who shoulder the greater weight of taxes. We don't have enough tax cuts and shelters to hide from our taxes, and we have never seen a tax break for it. I remember when the poverty level in the U.S. was anything under $16,000, now it is $22,000 and we have 35% of the American workforce who make between $18,000 to $22,000. Living at poverty level, yet cannot get ahead due to the cost of inflation, which by the way is driven by corporations to maintain a profit level for the upper management and owners.
The system isn't suffering from maintenance issues, it's broken due to the maintenance. Our government 'fixes' things with only a short term outlook, and with holds any real attempt to overhaul and repair the systems. this type of maintenance leads to the inevitable and eventual breakdown. And we... wel we are stuck with the bills, and the broken systems.

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