Monday, April 18, 2011

Job hunting, and the market as such

There are quite a few of us who have found out just how competitive it is now days to get into a new job. My career has been in the maintenance field for over 20 years, from residential to industrial, and it seems now that the market is calling for either more license than I hold or they want folks who are drones to do the 'dirty' work that no-one with my skills think they have to do. In my field, I might be cleaning a drain, the gutters, remodeling a lobby, changing out toilets, painting walls inside or outside. To me it's all the same.
  I have had to eat a lot of crow lately, all thanks to cuts in the available pay for maintenance today or the fact that I am considered to be over qualified for the job. I am proud of the skills that I have honed and the experience that I have attained, why should that be a bad thing? I bring a lot to the table and have much to offer in any facility, and every facility, business and household needs routine maintenance to keep it going. The automotive industry has a 75% income base on the 'required' and recommended maintenance of vehicles. However, I hold no certifications to draw from that field, although I do 60% of my own vehicle maintenance.
  What now I wonder... There is a company interested in me and my skills, but that would put me on the road 6-12 weeks at a time 12-14 hours a day 50-75 hours a week with a 2 week at home deal. That is not what I am looking for, and really can't be away for those periods of time, not with my family and personal life. I would be giving up a lot just to have an income. I know I would be miserable, and wouldn't stay with it, regardless of the money. Why give up ones life and family to have a job anyway? I need a job to support my family, but not one that would take me away from it.
  So I keep searching, locally, and within a decent distance. (I can't afford to work out of town with these gas prices.) I have about 2 months worth of unemployment coming, and until then I will not try to take a job that will actually pay me less than what the unemployment is, that would be counterproductive, the bills haven't taken a reduction and no one is offering discounts either.

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