Thursday, January 5, 2012

Change? Yes, change...

 I want to bring about change, as most of us do. And like most of us who want change, I don't know where or how to start. We see so many things wrong, or that can be improved, yet we fail to be able to find the 'starting point' shy of scrapping it all and starting over. And I am being generously vague here, as we all know of hundreds of things we'd like to see changed in our daily lives and in our world. The end though, we perceive as better, or fair, or some other value above and beyond that which we know know life, or our world, to be.
I could say that we should be able to define what is not 'right' in our world much easier than to define that which is 'right'. We can easily point out the negative issues in our lives that we would improve if we could, and we can identify all manner of things that we call 'bad' in our world. But can we, as individuals or as a whole, find how to improve them? Most of the world population is content to point fingers and accuse, place blame and deny any fault, but how is that helping? Another large part of the population is content in their apathy, and would rather not 'rock the boat'. Again, there is no help for change there.
And now we come to the meat of our world and lives that need to be changed...
Where do we start? Personal aptitude, attitude, beliefs, diets,... Is it only us, as individuals, that we need to change? What about our environment? Our industrialized and cyber driven world of work and play? Can we bare to alter the 'instant gratification' that we desire based on the current trends of modernization? That is defanetly a 'cost' that many I know would not happily share or trade. Once we accept a thing for what it is or how it is, should we continue to accept it as such, or should we strive to improve it. I know we accept changes made by others sometimes, and act as if we should accept it regardless of if we agree to the changes, or not. Maybe it is a question of authority...
Authority, that leads me to search out and investigate many things that most people believe is beyond our influence, or has little interest in. Take government, currently most citizens, regardless of country or nation, are active in voting or addressing their governments. Why? Fear for most I would believe; of being arrested or detained, of being targeted for assault or harassment, or worse yet outright assassinated. But governments should work for the people that they draw resources from, thereby working together for common goals of sustainable if not prosperous continuity. But how do we achieve that goal, for just in one area alone, we are out voiced by the myriad issues in government alone.
Nations are built by the people within them, and are either sustained or pulled down by that population, barring invasions. That gives one a lot to think about. Concepts and ideals are given birth by many voices, and many things are planted into the 'soil' of governments. How they grow and evolve is up to those who first planted and all those who continue to tend it's growth. As with any well managed grove, it only takes time and non-action, to turn it into a forest of wild wood.
Beliefs, I have mentioned them here, and in many of my other postings, are of vast importance to me, and millions of other people as well. “Faith can hold a man up when the world is trying to hold him down.”, was taught to me a very long time ago in my life, and I have seen how true those words are. I say faith, as religion (all religions) require some sort or amount of faith. I say faith, as I hold that certain beliefs cannot be shaken nor destroyed. To me, for me, that certain belief, that holds to be true, against time and other truths, that is faith. I do not believe it is a question of faith, nor belief, nor even religion that needs to be put forth, but a question of personal fortitude and inner strength to continue or change our world. To me, any 'faith' will do, as long as there is something that will continue beyond our bonds and limits so that each generation can continue to grow and sustain beyond simple existence or survival.
What can we do? How do we begin? Where do we start?
Make a list. Review everything that you can think of a s 'good', 'bad', or 'room for improvement'. Accept that everything you know, can be changed, eventually. Include yourself in every aspect of what you observe and as only one point in it's existence. Accept that there are others who would agree and disagree in your designations of 'good', 'bad', and can be 'improved'. Then talk to others. From there, I know that we can find some place to begin taking the necessary actions to bring about change.

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