Saturday, January 21, 2012

Priest, Patriot, Citizen, Activist,...but why am I called a terrorist?

I find myself more and more akin to a political activist than an active citizen. It has thrown me into an internal debate with my ethics of being a politically neutral clergyman. I still hold to my philosophy of peace, yet I yearn for some sort of action beyond yelling to the apathetic crowd of government domesticated cattle. I pray that those who hold office will once again begin upholding to the people of our Nation. I pray that the people will rise up and demand freedom from these constrictions placed upon them and their civil liberties. I pray we once again turn to the needs of our Nation and fix our failing systems in communication, education, our hi-ways, bridges, ports and harbors.
I have been watching and waiting for the accountability of our governmental body to be answered, only to see and find that there is no such belief of our elected officials to be held so accountable for not only their actions, but for the lack of concern for this nation. Each office, each representative, each district, all claim no responsibility yet all call for more, more, more from us citizens to be given, and then blame us when there is no more left to give. And when we, drained of our own personal resources, ask for government assistance, welfare, medicaid, social security, or unemployment, they call us a burden to them, and spend the money overseas, on pet projects or to pay their salaries and personal cabinet budgets.
Enough! I have seen too many good people exploited by them. I have witnessed unchecked and unlawful actions by their privatization of our government system, a system once set as a social democracy for the good of it's people, now stands as a for profit corporation on it's own with it's own agenda.
It sickens me overly, to know that a Nation brought down to it's knees, was done so by our own apathy and our so called representatives. Our voices, so long dormant, now scream for attention, only to be given over to deaf ears. And when they do hear, they respond with arrests of civil disobedience, assaults, and insults to the very people they are supposed to be serving and protecting. This Nation, the one I grew up with so much pride in, was proud to serve and proud to be a part of.
This Nation is no more... it was critically wounded when we gave away the power to print and control our currency. It became crippled when we allowed foreign national and multi national corporations dictate policy on interstate and international trade. It was fatally wounded when our inherent rights of freedom and liberty, was restricted and limited, for our 'own good' of safety and security, by a measured congressional and presidential combination of acts, that effectively would overwrite and render useless our one true governing law, the U S Constitution.
Now, even before that said, I have been placed on a list. A long list of names. Names of people who have spoken out against the government. Names of people who have protested against corporate control, of unlawful bank and mortgage company actions, and worst of all, against our seated government.
 By the newly accepted standards of our government, I am a terrorist.
And that, sickens me most of all.

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